August Underground's Mordum

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August Underground's Mordum



Preceded By:

August Underground

Proceeded By:

August Underground's Penance

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August Underground's Mordum

# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Jonesy Bludgeoned with a hammer Peter Yes
2. Dead Junkie Overdosed No
3. Man Groin cut off with a pair of scissors Himself Yes Coerced
4. Woman Unknown Crusty and Maggot No
5. Dead Man in Vomit Torture Sequence Unknown Crusty No
6. Brunette Vomit Torture Victim Gutted with a knife Maggot Yes
7. Blonde Vomit Torture Victim Suffocated with a plastic bag, bludgeoned with a hammer Crusty and Peter Yes
8. Woman Unknown Crusty, Maggot, and Peter No
9. Man Bludgeoned with a brick Fourth Killer Yes
10. Fourth Killer's Victim Throat slit with a knife Fourth Killer Yes
11. Dead Father Hung in a rope noose Crusty, Maggot, and Peter No
12. Dead Daughter Unknown Maggot No
13. Dead Mother Throat slit with a knife Peter Yes
14. Maggot Throat slit with a knife Himself Yes Suicide
  • Numerous bodies can also be seen in the Fourth Killer's shack.