Black Christmas (2006)

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Black Christmas



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Black Christmas (1974)

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Black Christmas

# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Clair Crosby Stabbed in the eye with a pen Agnes Lenz Yes
2. J. Bailey Stabbed in the neck with a sharpened candy cane William Edward Lenz Yes
3. Megan Helms Stabbed repeatedly with a Christmas ornament, eyes gouged out Agnes Lenz Yes
4. Santa Unknown William Edward Lenz No
5. Frank Lenz Bludgeoned with a hammer Mrs. Lenz and Stepfather Yes Flashback
6. Stepfather Impaled through the eye with a Christmas ornament William Edward Lenz Yes Flashback
7. Mrs. Lenz Strangled with Christmas lights, bludgeoned with a rolling pin William Edward Lenz No Flashback
8. Dana Mathis Stabbed in the head with a garden claw Agnes Lenz Yes
9. Eve Agnew Head ripped off Agnes Lenz No
10. Heather Fitzgerald Unknown William Edward Lenz No
11. Barbara MacHenry Impaled through the head by a fallen icicle William Edward Lenz Yes
12. Melissa Kitt Skullcap cut off by a thrown ice skate Agnes Lenz Yes
13. Lauren Hannon Stabbed repeatedly with a unicorn figurine, eyes gouged out Agnes Lenz Yes
14. Kyle Autry Stabbed in the eye with a unicorn figurine Agnes Lenz Yes
15. Morgue Attendant Stabbed in the face with a bone saw William Edward Lenz No
16. Leigh Colvin Neck snapped Agnes Lenz Yes
17. Agnes Lenz Electrocuted with a defibrillator Kelli Presely Yes
18. William Edward Lenz Caught on fire, impaled through the back by a Christmas tree Kelli Presely Yes
  • It's mentioned that Eve Agnew's mother is dead.