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# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Convenience Store Employee Stabbed repeatedly with a can opener Morty Yes
2. Convenience Store Employee Bludgeoned with a crowbar Morty Yes
3. Convenience Store Employee Legs cut off with a knife Morty Yes
4. Convenience Store Employee Throat slit with a knife Morty Yes
5. Convenience Store Employee Strangled with a cord Morty Yes
6. Jacko Cut in half with a knife Morty No
7. Mona Moore Freezer lid repeatedly slammed on head, stabbed in the eyes with cornettos Morty Yes
8. Jimmy Suffocated with plastic wrap, stabbed repeatedly with a broken bottle Morty Yes
9. Steve Cut in half with a meat slicer Morty Yes
10. Jess Beheaded with a cleaver Morty Yes
11. Donny Donuts rammed down throat Morty No