Curse of Chucky

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Curse of Chucky



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Seed of Chucky

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Curse of Chucky

# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Sarah Pierce Stabbed in the stomach with a pair of scissors Charles Lee Ray No
2. Motorist Mangled in a car crash Father Frank No Accident
3. Passenger Mangled in a car crash Father Frank No Accident
4. Father Frank Poisoned with rodenticide, beheaded in a car crash Charles Lee Ray Yes
5. Jill Electrocuted by a laptop Charles Lee Ray Yes
6. Barb Pierce Stabbed in the eye with a knife, knocked down a flight of stairs Charles Lee Ray Yes
7. Ian Hacked in the lower jaw with an axe Charles Lee Ray Yes
8. Daniel Pierce Drowned Charles Lee Ray No Flashback
9. Officer Stanton Throat slit with a knife Tiffany Yes
10. Alice's Grandmother Suffocated with a plastic bag Charles Lee Ray Yes
  • It's mentioned that Charles Lee Ray killed at least nine people and shot a police officer with a handgun while he was still alive.