Death Do Us Part

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Death Do Us Part



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Death Do Us Part

# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Derrick Harris Three fingers cut off, hacked in the neck with an axe Emily Hawkins Yes Flashback
2. Bo Emery Head bashed in Emily Hawkins No Flashback
3. Hannah Jamieson Stabbed in the chest with a knife Emily Hawkins Yes Flashback
4. Chet Donovan Gutted with a knife Emily Hawkins No Flashback
5. Ryan Harris Stabbed repeatedly in the back with a knife Kennedy Jamieson Yes Flashback
6. Kennedy Jamieson Stomach sliced with a knife, bludgeoned with a rock Emily Hawkins Yes Flashback
7. Ranger Harry Simpson Stabbed in the neck with a pen Emily Hawkins Yes
  • It's mentioned that Susan Emery disappeared in 2001.