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Dream Home



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Dream Home

# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Security Guard Strangled with plastic handcuffs, throat slit with a box cutter Himself Yes Accident
2. Filipino Maid Impaled through the head with a screwdriver Cheng Lai Sheung Yes
3. Flat 8A Female Owner Suffocated with a plastic bag Cheng Lai Sheung Yes Pregnant
4. Flat 8A Male Owner Bludgeoned with a golf club and a clothing iron, neck broken against a nightstand Cheng Lai Sheung Yes
5. Mrs. Cheng Unknown No Flashback
6. Cheung Jai Stabbed in the neck with a broken bong Cheng Lai Sheung Yes
7. Woman A Head slammed into a toilet Cheng Lai Sheung Yes
8. Mr. Cheng Suffered a mesothelioma attack Cheng Lai Sheung Yes Flashback
9. On Jai Impaled through the back repeatedly, groin cut off with a knife Cheng Lai Sheung Yes
10. Woman B Shot twice in the chest with a handgun, impaled through the mouth by a wooden board Cop Fat Yes Accident
11. Cop Man Throat slit with a knife Woman B Yes Accident
12. Cop Fat Shot in the head with a handgun Cheng Lai Sheung Yes
13. Blondie Gutted with a knife, shot in the mouth with a handgun Cheng Lai Sheung Yes