Ed Gein

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Ed Gein



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Ed Gein

# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Virginia Boyd Unknown No
2. Eleanor M. Adams Suffered a heart attack No
3. George Gein Suffered a heart attack No Flashback
4. Henry Gein Bludgeoned with a rifle Edward Gein Yes Flashback
5. Mary Hogan Shot in the chest with a handgun Edward Gein No
6. Augusta W. Gein Suffered a stroke No Flashback
7. Collette Marshall Shot in the head with a rifle Edward Gein Yes
8. Edward Gein Suffered respiratory failure No Mentioned
9. Woman Unknown No Flashback
  • Numerous bodies and parts of them can also be seen in the Gein house.
  • It's mentioned that Tony Collins, Marcus Jones, Bill Feaser, Burton Harris, Barry C., H. Garrison, Beth Ann Kerry, Barry Greenbury, Lem Kramer, Chris Larsen, Paul Lundahl, Dick Meadows, Ivar Wilcox, Mark Yoder, and Andrew Zimmer are all dead.
  • It's mentioned that Ernie Marshall is dead.
  • It's mentioned that Collette Marshall's father is dead.