Gore, Quebec

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Gore, Quebec



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Gore, Quebec

# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Katie Farrell Stabbed in the stomach with a knife, drowned in a lake The Killer No
2. Erin Arm sliced with a knife, neck broken with an oar The Killer No
3. Sean Reynolds Throat slit with a knife The Killer No
4. Brandon Bludgeoned with a wooden board, foot cut off with an axe, hung in a rope noose The Killer Yes
5. David Edward Reynolds Axe thrown into back The Killer Yes
6. Colin Unknown The Killer No
7. Stacey Unknown The Killer No
8. Frozen Corpse Unknown The Killer No Flashback
9. Neighbour Hacked twice in the back with an axe The Killer Yes
10. Mike Unknown The Killer No
11. Amanda Unknown The Killer No
  • It's mentioned that the killer killed at least four other people besides Frozen Corpse in 2003.