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# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Julia Suffocated Egerton Yes
2. Dave Suffocated Egerton Yes
3. Sam Bowling pin rammed down throat, groin cut in half with a switchblade Egerton Yes
4. Ben Stabbed in the eyes with a sharpened bowling pin Egerton Yes
5. Cindy Strangled with a shoelace Egerton Yes
6. Hannah Head crushed with two bowling balls Egerton Yes
7. A.J. Face melted by a bowling ball polisher Patrick Yes
8. Joey Beheaded by a pinsetter Patrick No
9. Steve Sharpened bowling pin rammed up rear, bludgeoned with a bowling pin Lisa Yes
10. Patrick Throat slit with a switchblade Egerton Yes
11. Egerton Shot in the face with a shotgun Jamie Yes
12. Lisa Shot in the stomach with a shotgun Sarah Yes
13. Jamie Shot in the face with a shotgun Sarah No Debatable