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# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Linda Stabbed in the chest with a knife Bill Roberts No
2. Joe Hacked in the head with a knife Bill Roberts Yes
3. Tim Impaled through the stomach with a knife Bill Roberts Yes
4. Bub Head crushed with a compactor Bill Roberts Yes
5. Randy Impaled through the jaw by a hook Bill Roberts Yes
6. Dave Beheaded with a band saw Bill Roberts Yes
7. Bread Man Stabbed in the back with a knife Bill Roberts Yes
8. Danny Stabbed in the eye by a spindle, beheaded with a cleaver Bill Roberts No
  • It's mentioned that Craig Peterson beat a man to death in a bar fight.
  • It's mentioned that Craig's father is dead.
  • It's mentioned that a motorist was beheaded in a car crash.