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# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Susana Knife thrown into back, stomach stomped Drake Yes Pregnant
2. Victim Buried Bob Yes
3. Bob Stabbed in the chest with a switchblade Chad Fox Yes
4. Oliver Ransom Axe thrown into chest Drake Yes
5. Aaron Shot in the head with a handgun One-eye Yes
6-10. Five Corpses Unknown ? No
11. Jenna McKenzie Drowned in a lake Drake Yes
12. Gotfried Suffocated with a plastic bag Chad Fox Yes
13. Drake Shot repeatedly with a handgun Tara Harper Yes
14. One-eye Impaled through the back and leg by pieces of wood, hacked in the chest with an axe Chad Fox Yes
15. Maggie Shot in the chest with a rifle ? No
16. Maggie's Mother Shot in the stomach and head with a rifle ? Yes