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# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Sauna Victim Bludgeoned with a crowbar, face slammed into hot sauna rocks Manni Yes
2. Sword Victim Impaled through the back with a sword Manni Yes
3. Male Forest Victim Throat slit with a knife Manni Yes
4. Female Forest Victim Stabbed repeatedly with a knife Manni Yes
5. Manni's Friend #1 Bludgeoned and strangled with a showerhead, brain ripped out Manni Yes
6. Hammer Victim Bludgeoned with a hammer Manni Yes
7. Manni's Friend #2 Impaled through the chest with a metal spike Manni Yes
8. Police Officer #1 Throat ripped out Manni No
9. Police Officer #2 Face bashed in Manni No
10. Manni's Friend #3 Eye gouged out Manni No
11. Police Officer #3 Head bashed in Manni No