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# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Betsy Cunningham Tortured The Girl No
2. Daniel Cunningham Tortured, stabbed in the chest with a tap The Girl Yes
3. Linda Cunningham Tortured The Girl No
4. Cunningham Baby Unknown The Girl No Debatable
5. Mrs. Spool Suffered a heart attack The Girl Yes
6. Laurie Leigh Drowned in a bathtub The Girl Yes
7. Elizabeth Hitchcock Mouth sliced with a saw, arm sliced with a knife, suffered a heart attack The Girl Yes
8. Sophia Kane Electrocuted with cords The Girl Yes
9. Mike Hodder Set on fire The Girl No
10. Don Carpenter Tortured, strangled The Girl Yes
  • It's mentioned that Shawn Gracy killed at least thirty-five people.