Private War

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Private War



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Private War

# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Cooper Stabbed in the foot by a spike, shot repeatedly with machine guns Việt Cộng Yes Flashback
2. Colonel Rusty Peterson Shot in the head with a handgun Major Donnerman No Accident
3. Paul Devries Gutted with a knife Sergeant Vincent Rayker No
4. Angelo Rossi Blown up in a jeep explosion Sergeant Vincent Rayker Yes
5. Roland Caldwell Shot twice in the chest with a handgun Phil Cooper Yes
6. Joseph Bates Two fingers cut off, stabbed repeatedly with a knife Sergeant Vincent Rayker No
7. Major Donnerman Shot in the leg with a handgun, stabbed in the face by spikes Sergeant Vincent Rayker Yes
8. Sergeant Vincent Rayker Stabbed in the stomach with a wooden stake, stabbed in the neck with a knife Phil Cooper Yes