Psycho Cop

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Psycho Cop



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Psycho Cop Returns

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Psycho Cop

# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Greg Hacked in the head with a hatchet Ted Warnicky No
2. Dead Woman Unknown Ted Warnicky No
3. Barbara Neck snapped Ted Warnicky Yes
4. Caretaker Hacked in the head with an axe Ted Warnicky Yes
5. Zack Nightstick rammed down throat Ted Warnicky Yes
6. Julie Hit with a car Ted Warnicky Yes
7. Eric Electrocuted with a taser Ted Warnicky Yes
8. Officer Chris Shot in the head with a handgun Ted Warnicky Yes
9. Officer Bradley Heart ripped out Ted Warnicky Yes
10. Sarah Stabbed in the chest with a knife Ted Warnicky No