Return to Sleepaway Camp

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Return to Sleepaway Camp



Preceded By:

Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland

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Return to Sleepaway Camp

# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Mickey Drowned in a deep fryer Peter Baker Yes
2. Weed Blown up in a gasoline explosion Peter Baker Yes
3. Frank Kostic Bludgeoned with a hammer, swarmed by rats Peter Baker No
4. Randy Groin ripped off with fishing line and a jeep Peter Baker Yes
5. Linda Face caught in barbed wire Peter Baker Yes
6. T.C. Impaled through the eye with a spear Peter Baker Yes
7. Bella Impaled through multiple places by spikes Peter Baker Yes
8. Michael Flayed with a knife Peter Baker No
9. Sheriff Pete Hernandez Head crushed by a car Peter Baker Yes Flashback