Scream Bloody Murder

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Scream Bloody Murder



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Scream Bloody Murder

# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Matthew's Father Run over with a tractor Matthew Yes
2. Mack Parsons Hacked in the chest with an axe Matthew Yes
3. Daisy Parsons Head slammed into a rock Matthew Yes Accident
4. Lex Bludgeoned with a rock Matthew Yes
5. Brenda Strangled Matthew Yes
6. Sailor Throat slit with a palette knife Matthew Yes
7. Bridey-Lee Hacked repeatedly with a cleaver Matthew Yes
8. Helen Anatole Suffocated with a pillow Matthew Yes
9. Doctor Epstein Bludgeoned with a stauette Matthew Yes
10. Vera Throat ripped out with a hook Matthew Yes
11. Matthew Gutted with a hook Himself Yes Suicide