Sella Turcica

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Sella Turcica



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Sella Turcica

# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Gavyn Head bashed in Sergeant Bradley Adam Roback No
2. Bruce Roback Lower jaw ripped off Sergeant Bradley Adam Roback Yes
3. Ashley Roback Beheaded by a broken piece of wood Sergeant Bradley Adam Roback Yes
4. Sergeant Bradley Adam Roback Bludgeoned with a piece of metal Karmen Roback Yes
5. Karmen Roback Hung in a rope noose Herself No Suicide
  • It's mentioned Daniels and another soldier are missing, and presumed dead.
  • It's mentioned that Paul was shot in the head by enemy combatants.
  • It's mentioned that an enemy combatant was killed by Sergeant Bradley Adam Roback.