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# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Lea Hacked in the stomach with a chainsaw Mike Corman Yes
2. Alex Hacked up with an axe Mike Corman No
3. Victim Stabbed repeatedly in the head with a garden claw Mike Corman Yes
4. Victim Drowned in a lake Mike Corman Yes
5. Farmer's Son Stabbed in the head with a hammer claw Mike Corman Yes
6. Farmer's Daughter Strangled with barbed wire Mike Corman Yes
7. Tom Head crushed with a vise Mike Corman Yes
8. Chris Stabbed twice in the back with a knife Julie Corman Yes
9. Maya Stabbed repeatedly in the groin with a needle, neck snapped Mike Corman Yes
10. Julie Corman Bludgeoned with a pipe, drowned in a lake Erin McKenzie Yes
11. Farmer Impaled through the back with a chainsaw Mike Corman Yes
12. Mike Corman Stabbed repeatedly with a knife, neck broken with rope and a tractor Erin McKenzie Yes
13. Danny Hacked in the stomach with an axe, suffocated Erin McKenzie Yes
  • It's mentioned that Erin McKenzie killed at least four girls; some can be seen in flashbacks, and a named one is Christiane Brinker.
  • It's mentioned that the farmer's wife is dead.