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# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Preacherman Stabbed in the chest and eye with a wooden stake Rebecca Galley Yes
2. Rebecca Galley Cut in half with a chainsaw Chainsaw Charlie Yes
3. Rick Fisher Gutted with a chainsaw, impaled through the back by spikes Himself Yes Suicide
4. Chainsaw Charlie Impaled through the back by spikes Rick Fisher Yes
5. Brenda Thompson Beheaded with a pair of shears Doctor Ripper Yes
6. Doctor Ripper Stabbed in the ear with a wooden stake Devon White Yes
7. Devon White Stabbed in the back with a wooden stake, throat slit with a scalpel Michael Gibbons Yes
8. Michael Gibbons Beheaded with a pair of shears Himself Yes Suicide
  • It's mentioned that $la$her$ has had at least fifteen episodes; some of the previous contestants can be seen in the intro, and portraits of some can be seen in a gallery.
  • It's mentioned that Switchblade Sam is dead.
  • It's mentioned that Michael Gibbons has killed twenty-six people.