The Amityville Terror

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The Amityville Terror
Year: 2016
Preceded By: Amityville Toybox
Proceeded By: Amityville: No Escape
IMDB Link: The Amityville Terror
# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Faith Douglas Intensies ripped out Demon No
2. Mike Arkos Set on fire Delilah McCallister Yes
3. Mechanic Set on fire Delilah McCallister Yes
4. Jenny Chan Knocked through a window Demon No
5. Brett Decapitated with a knife Theresa No
6. Sally Shot in the eye with a crossbow Theresa Yes
7. Claire Stabbed in the throat with a knife Theresa Yes
8. Theresa Stabbed in the chest with a knife Hailey Jacobson Yes
9. Todd Jacobson Axed in the head Demon No
10. Jessica Jacobson Exsanguiated with an axe Demon No
11. Shea Jacobson Possessed, shot in the head with a crossbow and caught on fire Hailey Jacobson Yes
12. Ray Douglas Killed in an unspecified way Demon No
  • It's mentioned that Mrs. Jacobson is dead.
  • It's mentioned that Jimmy Oberest melted his sister with acid, and killed his parents.
  • It's mentioned that Hailey Jacobson's brother is dead.
  • It's mentioned that Brett's mother is dead.
  • It's mentioned that numerous people were killed by the demon, with named victims being Rachel, Doctor Willis R. Cranston, Eleanore Cranston, Betty Cranston, the Vegas, the Wens, the Mickelsons, the Oscars, the Sicars, the Davidsons, the Harmons, the Trulls, the Lyles, the Carters, the Lazaros, the Lewises, the Bores, the Missions, the Kleins, the Mitchells, the Thomases, the Prados, the Southerlands, and the Dowes.
  • It's mentioned that the Oberest family killed numerous people.

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