The Butchers

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The Butchers



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Death Factory

# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Neighbor Neck snapped Luther Yes Flashback
2. Simon's Mother Throat slit with a straight razor Luther Yes Flashback
3. Luther Bludgeoned with a golf club Simon Yes Flashback
4. The Collector Stabbed in the chest with a knife JB Yes
5. Star Stabbed in the chest with a knife Ed Gein Yes
6. Albert Fish Neck snapped, disintegrated Simon Yes
7. Bill Stabbed repeatedly with a knife John Wayne Gacy No
8. Ren Heart cut out with a sickle The Zodiac No
9. Nicole Gutted with a knife JB Yes
10. Candi Sliced repeatedly with a straight razor Jack the Ripper No
11. Jeffrey Dahmer Stabbed in the chest with a knife, disintegrated Ed Gein Yes
12. John Wayne Gacy Stabbed in the chest and eye with a knife, disingtegrated Simon Yes
13. Ripper Impaled through the lower jaw with a knife, disintegrated Simon Yes
14. Ed Gein Bludgeoned with a cinderblock, disintegrated JB Yes
15. Jan Knife thrown into throat JB Yes
16. Simon Impaled through the back by a wooden stake JB Yes Resurrected
17. JB Neck snapped Simon Yes Resurrected
18. The Zodiac Set on fire, hit with a car Auntie May Yes
  • It's mentioned that JB's father was beheaded, and that his mother and sisters were hung.
  • It's mentioned that JB killed his family's killers.