Toolbox Murders

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Toolbox Murders



Preceded By:

The Toolbox Murders

Proceeded By:

Coffin Baby

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Toolbox Murders

# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Joel Sterling Electrocuted by a junction box, knocked through a window No Accident
2. Daisy Rain Throat slit, stabbed repeatedly with a hammer claw Coffin Baby Yes
3. Nell's Father Unknown No Flashback
4. Saffron Kirby Shot repeatedly with a nail gun Coffin Baby Yes
5. Julia Cunningham Stabbed in the head with a drill Coffin Baby Yes
6. Hudson Neck snapped Coffin Baby Yes
7. Ned Lundy Beheaded with a circular saw Coffin Baby Yes
8. Luis Saucedo Nails hammered through hands, face melted with lye Coffin Baby Yes
9. Byron McLieb Stabbed in the back with a pair of bolt cutters Coffin Baby Yes
10. Charles Rooker Thrown at a wall Coffin Baby Yes
  • Numerous bodies can be seen in Coffin Baby's lair.
  • It's mentioned that Coffin Baby's mother is dead.