Krampus Unleashed

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Krampus Unleashed



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Krampus Unleashed

# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Harvey Innards ripped out Krampus Yes
2. Clayton Olsen Head stomped Krampus Yes
3. Fritz Throat ripped out Krampus Yes
4. Ben Rawlings Heart ripped out Krampus Yes
5. Rodger Head bashed against Terry's head Krampus Yes
6. Terry Head bashed against Rodger's head Krampus Yes
7. James Ripped in half Krampus No
8. Will Head bashed in, arm ripped off Krampus Yes
9. Dale Henderson Innards ripped out Krampus Yes
10. Alice Henderson Head ripped off Krampus Yes
11. Amber Innards ripped out Krampus Yes
12. Vivian Henderson Mangled in a car crash Yes Accident
13. David Henderson Arm ripped off, head ripped off Krampus Yes
14. Krampus Blown up in a mine explosion Cooper Yes
15. Cooper Blown up in a mine explosion Himself Yes
16. Troy Henderson Throat ripped out Baby Krampus Yes
  • It's mentioned that Mr. Rogers and his two sons were mauled by Blackfoot the Mountain Lion.