The Christmas Season Massacre

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The Christmas Season Massacre
# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death? Notes
1. Unamed woman Disembowled with a knife Tommy McGroo Yes
2. Clarence Melvin Schnortstein Genitals ripped off, bled out Tommy McGroo Yes
3. Unamed husband Neck snapped Tommy McGroo Yes
4. Isaac Hiltzik Throat slit with a knife Tommy McGroo Yes
5. Lana Hooper Stabbed in the mouth with an ice pick Tommy McGroo No
6. Dorcas Cunningham Gutted with a chainsaw Tommy McGroo Yes
7. Abby Honeydew Tongue cut out and stabbed to death with a knife Tommy McGroo Yes
8. Ernie Campbell Impaled through the skull with a screwdriver Tommy McGroo No
9. Danny Carpenter Chest blown apart with a shotgun Tommy McGroo Yes
  • It's mentioned that Tommy McGroo killed numerous people, named victims being Scott Channers, Bill Coy, and John LaMon.

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